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Health Care
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5 in 1 - Facial Electric Cleanser & Massager

5 in 1 - Facial Electric Cleanser & Massager..

Ex Tax: ₨.898/=

Body Slimmer

Designed to help reduce cellulite as well as give relaxing massage at home. No need to pay high cost..

Ex Tax: ₨.2,598/=

DD Cream - 100G

DD Cream is developed and formulated in Japan with key ingredient of Cherry Blossom Extract that hel..

Ex Tax: ₨.2,000/=


Ez Leg Massager - Green...

Ex Tax: ₨.2,000/=

Foot Massager Slippers

The foot massager slippers maintain blood circulation, increase immunity and, relieve pain and stiff..

Ex Tax: ₨.1,980/=

Foot Reflexology Massage Slippers

Foot Reflexology Massage Slippers !! The Foot Reflex slippers stimulates the acupuncture points on t..

Ex Tax: ₨.2,000/=

Luma Smile Teeth Whitening

Luma Smile Teeth Whitening & Polishing Tool - Blue..

Ex Tax: ₨.1,200/=

Mini USB Handled Vibrating Body Massager

Pack Of 2 Mini Usb Body Massager - Blue..

Ex Tax: ₨.1,340/=

Pills Organize Pills

Organize Your Pills and Vitamins! Take the guesswork out of taking medication! Pill Pro organizer ha..

Ex Tax: ₨.1,200/=

Royal Posture Corrector

New Back Support Royal Posture Kit- Energizing Posture Support Great for Men and Women..

Ex Tax: ₨.2,000/=

Salon Express Nail Art

Glamour girls can get creative and try their hand at digit doodling with 5 design plates for creatin..

Ex Tax: ₨.740/=

Sensitive Precision

Gentle Trimming and precise shaping for sensitive body parts: Ideal for Face, Bikini and Underarms E..

Ex Tax: ₨.1,998/=

Wax Machine & Hot Wax

This latest advance high quality single pot wax heater/warmer is high performance Therapy ,Bath SPA ..

Ex Tax: ₨.2,980/=

White Light Teeth

Are your pearly whites not quite as white as you’d like? There’s a lot you can do to turn your stain..

Ex Tax: ₨.1,000/=